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RBPA believe in excellence, quality and high level customer service as we value each and every customer. We are proud to offer a Service Level Guarantee as outlined below:

  • We arrive at the time scheduled (or you will receive a courtesy call)
  • We will tidy & clean up after ourselves
  • We respect you and your property
  • We present ourselves in a clean, well groomed manner
  • We will be transparent with our pricing upon inspection with no hidden extras
  • We are honest, truthful, and “up-front” with you at all times
  • We make sure you are happy with the job we deliver
  • We provide solutions, not headaches.
  • We provide one-stop shop, from start to end.


RBPA will carry out the works with reasonable care and skill to ensure all damages by water, mould, fire be removed and remediated. However remediation area surfaces will not be entirely free of all microbial contamination. Fungal growth is found naturally both indoors and outdoors. Mould spores travel by air currents, objects, people and animals, release toxins through the air, and therefore may present throughout the Project, in varying degrees of concentration. Under current technology, it is physically impossible for the average structure to be entirely free of fungal or mould spores. If microbial remediation is called for, surfaces and materials affected by microbial contamination will exhibit no visually apparent evidence of residual microbial reservoirs. Complete eradication of all potential microbial infestation cannot be guaranteed, nor can be permanent remediation be assured. New microbial infestation can occur in the future, within either previously exposed or unexposed areas of the structure.

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